Becoming Sophia (76)

There were plated gold embellishments on the crown moldings; intricate carvings on the flying buttresses. The chandeliers glittered in the candlelight, thousands of crystals sending rays of light to every corner of the room. Intricate tapestries lined the walls and the high ceiling was covered with a gorgeous mural. Cherubic faces peeked their heads out of the clouds to spy on Aphrodite and Hephaestus in a passionate embrace. Men and women twirled about on the parquet floors, ball gowns fanning about and being deftly avoided by shiny, black shoes. I marveled at it, wanting to turn and run, but knowing there was only one way I could go. With that thought in mind, I straightened my posture and stepped out onto the velvet covered steps.

Now I know that this is the part at which everyone assumes the music will stop and everyone will turn to wonder who just came down the staircase…but that’s not quite what happened.

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