Around the Block Again

“Your tracks might be covered enough to fool the public. Heck, you might even be hidden enough to fool the government, but they have other matters to worry about, public image and all that.”

I could feel the heat of the spot light on my face. Everything but the shadow of a man was bleached from my vision.

“You do know what I mean by telling you this right? We’ve got you. You’ve been walking this earth for 223 and a half years, that’s too long for the normal human.” The man shifted forward resting his arm on the light, “Drugs, disease and violence got nothing on you, you’re too smart for that.”

Despite my immortality it is amazing to live that long and still be sane. While some people lose it other people learn from it.

“I guess that means I’m too smart for you too. You pick up a few things after going around once or twice. I’d bet one-hundred dollars that you are a religious nut bent on destroying my kind because it is wrong and only your deity is allowed to be timeless.”

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