The Empty World

My world has never been an easy place to live in. Millions die every year from the alien invasions, the giant monsters, the never-ending battles between superheroes and supervillains. The near-constant warfare has wrecked the economy.

But I am not afraid anymore. I found a doorway that leads to another world. The city on the other side is a ruin, much like my home. But it is not a cacophanous battlefield but peaceful and still. The skyscrapers are covered with vines and wolves prowl the streets. But they’re easy enough to avoid compared to the dangers back home. They’re even a little afraid of me, the only one of my kind they’ve ever seen.

I’ve never seen a sign of another person here. I haven’t dared to tell anyone from home because even with all the strange and terrible things there, no one would believe me. I wish there were someone I could share my secret with. What happened to all the people here? Did they die, or did they all leave? Why would anyone ever want to leave here?

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