The Beginning of the Story – Decisions.

How one begins a story is very important. Better yet, with whom one begins a story is very important.

This meant that Jasper and James had a very important decision to make.

“Well who do you suggest that we start with, Jasper?”
“Rae. Let’s start with Rae.”
“Negative. We should start with Aug-”
“JAMES! You can’t just shoot down every idea I throw out there!”
“Well then come up with better ideas!”
“That is not something you say to your twin, James!”
“Whatever. We’re going to start with the box.”
“Who wants to hear about a box? No, we’re going to start with Rae.”
“We can’t just start with Rae because you like her better. Chronologically, Ezra comes first.”
“Well if you want to go chronologically, let’s start with Patient Zero!”
“We’ve been over this Jasper.”
“You know, we could start with us, Jasper…”
“Well now that would just conceited!”
“Fine, fine. How about Vera?”
“Vera? But she–”
“But’s she’s the beginning, I guess.”
“Okay. Let’s start with Vera.”

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