Thought Bubbles

“So, how have you been, son?”

fucking horrible “Fine, dad.”

“Good, I’m glad you’re doing well. You’ve not been having any more… impure thoughts?”

every fucking day “Uhm. No, Dad.”

“We are all sinners, son. But guilt and shame are your friends; you can use them to keep yourself clean.”

I don’t believe in that anymore “I know, Dad. I understand.”

“With God’s help, of course.”

I don’t believe in him either "Do we have to talk about this now?

“Have you been praying?”

fuck no “Of course, Dad. Every day.”

“That’s the spirit. Listen, I know you still think we were a little hard on you…”

You destroyed me you fucking dirtbag! Do you have any idea what you took from me? “No Dad, it’s fine.”

“No, I want to say this. I just want you to know that God disciplines those he loves the hardest. He loves you. And so do I.”

I know. And I love you too “Thanks Dad. I love you, too.”

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