The Funeral

“Is anyone actually surprised she’s dead?” Collette asked as we walked up the church steps. I wasn’t sure why she had come with me. She had never been close with Addison, the two hardly ever got along.

“Everyone knows she drank and partied all the time. It was only a matter of time.” I wondered if she even understood what she was saying.

When we got in to the reception I could see her eyes widen. “Shit. This many people actually cared about her?”

I headed for a seat in the back. If Collette was going to keep this up, I wanted to be as isolated as possible. She didn’t follow me and instead headed straight up front.

“I want to be up close for this train wreck.” She wasn’t whispering. I could see a few people looking our way. I had often been patient with her remarks but I could feel my blood begin to boil.

“Would you have some respect? This is her fucking funeral!" I hissed. I couldn’t listen to her any longer.

Collette was taken back. “What the hell is wrong with you?”

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