Blasted 8

“You are as useless as…” the Empress started but was cut off when Novax found the hyperdrive panel and slammed his palm down on the green button. The Pulsar Wind jumped like a Branthian Loric cat on a neutron wave emitter.

Sa T’lak sat up in her seat and glared in his direction. “Just where do you think you are taking me?”

“Anywhere is better than where we were. Let me concentrate or we may end up out of the galactic cluster.” He started mumbling to himself as he peered at the panels. Sa T’lak rolled her eyes and stalked out of the control room.

Cantus paced the small area of the captain’s state room. The battlecruiser was headed for Teraria. He should have known she would find out about his plans. Sa had always been too nosy for her own good. He would show her no mercy. Cantus smiled mirthlessly. The citizens of Teraria would make good hostages and if she didn’t comply, they would die by the millions.

The chronocom was the key to the universe and beyond.

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