The Farmer's Lament

Raiment of Dreaming walked slowly into the village. His head felt like it was in a vise. He nodded hello to the storekeeper sweeping his porch before he caught himself. Too many ales last night. Rai’s wife would be mad that he had left the farm, but he had to get some hair of the dog.

A caravan was next to the inn and a pair of horses Rai hadn’t seen before were in the corral. As he walked through the doorway and a slight girl caught his eye. Her raven hair was set off by the magenta and aqua clothes that clung to her like a second skin. She glanced in his direction. An arched brow rose at his dirty work clothes. Just as quickly she turned back to her companion, a large man all in black.

Rai walked up to the bar and ordered an ale.

“Hello strangers. What brings you to these parts?”

“We are just passing through, on our way to the capital to perform for the king.” She looked him over like he was a curious bug hardly worth her time.

He was the best farmer in the county, but somehow she knew he was a fraud.

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