A Strange Way Indeed

When I first heard about, I wasn’t sure how to react. Instead, I simply blinked.
The idea that I had, in some way, created, shaped, and formed memories in a distance plane of existence utterly took me off guard. It didn’t matter that the person in question who told me was a well known quantum physicist; it was a different matter to be told a silly idea was actually true, and not simply imaginary.
“Yes, Emily, all I’ve said is true. There are numerous dimensions in which all of your favorite – and despised – works of fiction exist in reality. It certainly came off as a surprise to me as well,” Neville added, hoping to diffuse the tension in the room.
We sat in silence for what seemed like ages. Then an idea hit me.
“Since all of these dimensions exist…would it be possible that a multiverse might also exist?”
“It is possible – in fact, more than likely. These universe probably coincide with each other often.”
“Do you think we should visit them?”
Neville grinned. “I thought you’d never ask.”

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