The nurse gently pointed to her mouth and then mine. I suddenly realized I had something in my mouth and my lips were sealed. The nurse handed me a clear slate with a scrolling animation of me laying in a hole in the ground: A man climbs into the hole and slathers my entire body with a clear jelly substance and then inserts tubes into all the bodies orifices and he pulls the tubes away when foam starts bubbling out.

The man then addressed me by pointing through the screen and words scrolled across: Be aware, at the time of your burial, 15 b.c., you may have been buried with objects in your mouth, ears and nose. You are currently breathing through your skin. We filled your canals with a malleable foam that should have encased any objects, that’s why you can’t hear, smell or talk. We need your permission to proceed.

He seemed to read my mind and the screen became animated showing small piles of treasures pulled from multiple cavities.

Suddenly, I experienced my first emotion; Shock…I’m alive!

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