Hours Past Midnight

We left him inside the dream. It could have gone either way when the vote stalled in a tie, but I was the one that broke it. I thought he’d be happier there. It really wasn’t an easy conclusion to come to, I promise you that, but… at least he’d die living a full life, even if it was inside his head. I left him a note apologizing and then we all left.

Don’t wake up, the note said.

I left them all behind one by one, dropping notes like flies over their corpses. Apologizing for my survival, begging forgiveness to those that stumbled and could no longer stand. Wishing that my own legs would collapse, and damning the strength inside of them for never wavering.

I’m falling asleep now, clinging to my pen like a life-raft. Wondering if I’m the last writer still alive in a world where nobody reads. Thinking about the amount of responsibility that adds to my shoulders. Realizing that it doesn’t matter much either way.

I don’t want to wake up again. Please don’t make me wake up. Please don’t. Please, God…

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