Rise of the Rise of the Planet of the Apes

He looked out his high rise window and sighed, his thoughts as scrambled as the veins of traffic on the streets below. The office door opened and closed behind him gently.

“Y’know Charlie, it’s a damn shame,” said the man at the window. “I caught Commando on TBS last night. Made miss the old days. I wish we could do an 80’s action movie without getting laughed outta town.”

“We’d get skewered, Boss,” said Charlie. “80’s action is a comedy plot nowadays. Don’t look back, it only hurts.”

The man didn’t respond. Some silence passed, and suddenly his eyes lit up. “What if we did an 80s action with monkeys? People will take it seriously again if it’s coming from a sypathetic animal!”

Charlie paused. He made a suspicious hmmmm.

“And what if we cast James Franco to add intellectual credibility?”

Charlie slapped his hand on the great oak desk top. “Brilliant.”

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