Riksur the Accursed: Family Matters

Riksur’s hand, raised to strike his brother again, fell limply. “You fool. How many times did I warn you that your appetites were going to be trouble.” He sighed. “I suppose it was my fault. I am the eldest and I knew- I knew!- but did nothing except speak words to you. I should’ve been harsher, now it is too late. It is a blessing that our parents are dead already- they would have died of shame!”

Lamsur bowed his head.

“Have you told your family yet?” Riksur asked.

“They know. Malanna is putting our affairs in order to culiminate seven winks from today. That’s when we are scheduled to be collected.”

“I told you she was a good woman. If my own Nuri were half as good…” Riksur trailed off. “They didn’t write her name down, did they?”

“No, only adults directly related to me. Me, my wife, my eldest- Aisur, and you. Little Sabil is no use to them, she will be sacrificed and buried.”

“Good. At least one of yours will be welcomed into Harabi. We’ll be forced to beg at the Iron gate for a thousand years.”

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