Writers Beware

“Heinlein was right!” bellowed a voice from outside. Footsteps vaulted up my front steps and before I could say “No crazies allowed”, my front door buckled and fell in.

I tossed the book I was reading aside and glared at the panting figure that had broken down my door. At five foot three, AJ was a credit to the belief that women were just as destructive as men.

“Really? Was that necessary?” I asked irritably.

“You don’t always hear me.” She said dusting off her jeans.

“I don’t always listen to you- I usually hear you.” I corrected. “Now what’s this about Heinlein?”

“He was right! Scientists have proven his World as a Myth Theory. It’s all here.” AJ fished a rolled up magazine out of her back pocket and tossed it onto my chest. As it tried to remember its flat state, I could make out the name ‘Popular Science’.

“You know what that means?” AJ asked slyly.

“That someday I can visit all my favorite worlds and meet all my favorite characters?”

“Nope. Well maybe. I think it means you might be a murderer.”

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