Listen to Ava: Unnatural

Beth turned away from the screen. “Turn it off.” The security footage of Ava’s raw power was sickening.

“Girl’s not natural,” Thad said. “Nothing that causes such wanton destruction on a global scale can be natural.”

Beth practically spit her next words out. “Of course she’s not natural. Nature has laws against such things. Nothing with that kind of power to destroy could survive the womb on its own. Life has a way of protecting itself from these kinds of… things.” She sighed. “No, somebody made her – and broke a lot of natural laws to do it.”

“Bastards,” Thad muttered.

Beth nodded. She certainly didn’t disagree. Everywhere the girl spoke, things died bloody, died explosively.

Thad had had to physically cut the speakers from the monitor just so they could watch safely. Even recorded, even on a subsonic level, Ava’s voice was dangerous.

Beth rubbed the side of her head. Just watching muted video of Ava was enough to set it throbbing.

“Damn that girl, and damn the sons of a bitch that made her.”

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