The Breaking Point

Robert Dallas was a confused fellow, about the age of thirty-six. He enjoyed english muffins for breakfast, and eating dinner with his wife, Ann.
Robert’s profession was an uncommon one, as he wrote screenplays for horror movies.
His gruelsome scenes, and nightmarish villians stained the brains of teenagers everywhere, making his scripts blockbuster hits.

One night, while eating dinner with Ann, Robert felt a sharp pain in the pit of his stomach.
“What’s wrong?” asked Ann.
“My stomach…” replied Robert.
“Is it the lasagna?”
“No it’s not the food…” whispered Robert as he clenched his silverware in pain.
“Then what is it?”
With a sudden jump across the table Robert found himself scraping his wifes face off with his silverware. He tore off her flesh in one blow, and began to sink his teeth into her muscles.
When he was finished, Robert looked down at his mutilated wife and began to scream.
Her face was mawled off in the same way as of one of the victims in his latest script.

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