Becoming Sophia (77)

I was not very accustomed to walking in heels, so I was sure to move slowly. I did not want to trip and disgrace myself. This was probably what allowed Prince Charmant’s gaze to settle on me. I was the only one on the stairs and my ivory gown was striking against the red velvet carpeting. The Prince locked his gave on me and, before I knew it, had abandoned his dance partner and was approaching the stairwell. He stood at the last step, gazing up at me in wonder.

“Mademoiselle Lennon,” he greeted me with a smile, “I feared you would not come.” I blushed and could not find anything to say. “I find you are unaccompanied, why are you without an escort?”

“Jared—I mean, well, Mr. Dautry couldn’t come. He had other business to attend to.” I lied knowing that the proper escort would have been a parent and since I had none and the Dautry’s believed me to be meeting them, there was no proper answer.

“Please allow me,” the Prince said, offering his arm, “to be your escort for the evening.” All I could do was nod.

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