Becoming Sophia (83)

“Mademoiselle Marina Lennon.” There was a collective gasp and everyone began turning about to try and find “the girl.”

“Umm,” Andrien flushed. “Mademoiselle Lennon?”

My heart jumped into my throat and I stood up. All heads turned to me and I think I heard, from somewhere across the room, an angry shriek. Andrien’s face was well worth it, though. He appeared incredibly relieved and he even winked at me, though I hope no one noticed.

“Ah yes. Here she is everyone, your new future queen!” I went to stand by my new fiancee and he put his arm out. I took it politely, not sure how close or far away to stand. I never studied the proper ways to act as a wife—I had never intended to be one.

" Voltre Altesse! " someone from the crowd shouted and my heart sank. I recognized the voice immediately. “Your highness!” They were pushing through the crowd now, maneuvering their large bustles around the chairs. Dread welled up inside me as, over the shocked faces of the other guests, Cristyne’s visage appeared.

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