Becoming Sophia (85)

“My name is Marina Lennon,” she said. “I was born January 3rd, 1621. My father’s name was Pierre August Lennon. My mother was Sophia Caroline Lennon. My mother died in childbirth and my father died in the January of 1633. I’ve missed them so much,” she paused to dab at her eyes with a kerchief she’d pulled from her sleeve. “I’ve missed them so much I just couldn’t show myself in public again until I could get up in the morning without crying.” She sniffed pitifully and I could tell that most around were convinced.

Andrien turned to me, confusion written on his face. “No, no, it’s not true!” I protested.

“Prove it!” Cristyne chimed in.

“I… I—” What could I say? “This dress!” I cried desperately. “Doesn’t anyone recognize it? It was my mother’s! She wore it on her wedding day!”

“I do recognize that dress!” Margarete shouted, hurrying forward. “I live in the Lennon household and I’ve seen that dress hanging with the finest of our family heirlooms.”

“Not only a liar, but a thief as well!” said Cristyne.

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