One Little Fling

Andy was around the age when boys took up slingshots and clubhouses. Andy was also the plump boy whose mother insisted on dressing him in striped shirts and polyester pants. Therefore, if looking along the row houses on a warm spring day Andy could be spotted running after a bunch of boys, slinging stones and racing to their ‘secret’ clubhouse. When he finally made it to the club, a.k.a. the circle of bushes by the park, the others made him wait outside because as Mikey O’Donnell said he “crowded the whole damn place.”

So, Andy ‘guarded’ the club from younger punks and older tattletales. That day, Mikey had left his sling outside and while Andy kept watch of it he found a beaut’ of a rock, a real gem. With a stone and slingshot fit for David, Andy couldn’t help but put the two together and think, no harm in one little fling. The rock bounced off an oak and just like that, the stone hit two pigeons in mid flight.

“Whoa! Andy you just killed two birds with one stone! Come & sit next to me.” said Mikey.

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