In The Dark

I admired the hefty weapon. Even turned off, the sabretaser could be used to knock someone senseless. Concealed in the bottom was a spring loaded knife, so in a pinch one could flip it over and stab an enemy. I wondered if it would cut through fiberglass bots as I noticed a small engraving on the handle. Cecil Brown III

“Elsha!” a frantic whisper broke through my stupor. Acrylic had opened the hatch door and most were climbing the rungs. I quickly fell in line, stowing the taser inside my vest.

We emerged in some sort of storage room lit by small vents at the top of each wall. White sheets covered who knows what kinds of obsolete tech, barely visible in the semidark. Groups of Underground members huddled awkwardly behind various lumps. Acrylic motioned for Fetus and Daemon to position themselves at the doorway.

Fetus must have taken something from one of her implants and seemed engrossed in a glowing red panel. At a small nod from her, the door slid smoothly open and Daemon tackled the bewildered guard.

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