First Prong: The Magician

Lord Robert quickly summoned a foot messenger to hold the ferryman at shore. Disguising himself, he made his way toward Peat’s Bog.

Tossing a heavy purse to the ferryman, Robert stepped onto a small floating island and poled across the acid-black murk. On the other side, the floating mass was chained to an oily boulder covered in rancid lichen.

“Follow the bone cairns a league until you reach her lair” the ferryman directed. “If you are not stepping on stone, then you have lost your way. I will wait until the sun is high”.

Atop each cairn was a skull, their sockets filled with painted evil eyes. Although his own bones shivered, his love for and loyalty to Sirs Jon and Bic pushed him on.

Soon a crooked opening within a crooked crag appeared. In the opening stood a figure with a blood-red raven on her shoulder: “I’ve been waiting M’lord” XXXII XXXII greeted, “Clot’s hungry”.

“ExiExi! Some meat still remains on a few of these skulls” Lord Robert shouted back.

“Toss one up, I’ll boil the meat off. Come”.

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