In Between Minds: Moment to Moment

After the first bit of instruction I was left alone, presumably at Sofiya’s direction. I wasn’t sure if she was in charge of everything but everyone seemed to do as she asked.

I didn’t mind being alone this time. It was different than being in one of Camp 32’s Isolation cells or the lonely desperation of being on the run. This felt… nice. Probably because there were other people around. I saw them from time to time, walking briskly with purpose. Once I saw Yuliya go by, covered basket in hand. She saw me and waved cheerfully before moving on. I was slow to wave back and by the time I responded, she was gone. Outside a few men in overalls plied the ground with pitchforks, exposing dark soil underneath.

A blue flower lay crushed on the ground. I picked it up and straightened it out as best I could. It was still crumpled and bruised but it did look better.

“We’ve both seen better days.” I said catching my reflection in a window. I tucked the flower behind my ear and looked again. “But we’re not dead yet.”

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