Brotherly Love?

After his brother and his friend left the room , Miles put his clothes back on, wiped the tears from his eyes and sat at his desk to write in his journal.
(August 12: Rafe and his best friend Nate did it again. I swore that last time would be the last time. The worst part is I can’t keep the tears inside. I hate that I cry in front of them. It only makes them enjoy it more. It hurts, at first for awhile.
I guess I let them see me cry so they won’t know I kind of like it, Nate at least, my brother I loathe. They would stop and move on to Nates’ lil brother Wesley if they knew .
I could never let them do to him what they do to me. Wes isn’t as strong as me, besides I’d never let them hurt Wes. I’d rather die. I would kill them both first.
Miles closed the journal, hid it under his mattress and jumped off the bed when Rafe burst through the door. “You lil fag, if you ever tell anybody I’ll ripe your balls off and shove em down your throat.”
Miles almost laughed. Yeah I’m the fag. That’s a good one.

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