I'd go see it.

“Hmm … I think we could use another explosion here.”

“There are already 133 explosions, and that’s just in the first 15 minutes of the film.”

“Then make it 134.”

“The actors aren’t even doing anything.”

The director turned to his producer, glaring.

“Fine, we’ll fit in another explosion. Somehow.”

“Wonderful. Now, what’s the ETA on those raptor renderings?”

“And by’ raptor’ you, of course, mean falcon, right?”

“Don’t be ridiculous. I mean velociraptors, obviously.”

“Dinosaurs? This is a period piece, there weren’t any dinosaurs.”

“Of course there were!” The director guffawed. “As robots.”

“Robot dinosaurs? Really? Settlers had yet to master the steam engine, and you think they were capable of building robots? Robot raptors, nevertheless?”

“Of course they were capable of it. How do you think they got to space?”

“Come on, wouldn’t you want to see that movie. Robo-Raptor and Pilgrims: IN SPACE!” The director swept out his arms, as if reading the title from a glowing marquee.

“I quit.”

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