Just Another Night

I relentlessly seek intrigue at the bottom of a bottle…or two, or four. As the cigarette at the tip of my finger burns away, so too does my preference for what’s practical, normal, accepted as life as “we know it.”

Conversations with other travelers only go so many ways; around the same 5 W’s that bring foreigners to these distant lands, or questions tinged with darkness & taboo that scare tourists away…because after all, they’re not ready, nor willing to step into the muck as I have. To frolic in it, and examine its effects on the human condition.

I set out on this journey to find, something; Inspiration, focus, purpose…something!

It’s been a struggle to say the least…and the isolation is starting to take it’s toll.
My thoughts are more critical than comforting, my shadow is an ever present reminder of my past and the noble ambitions i set out with, my memories are an uncontrollable form of the worst torment imaginable.

Yet, I must press on. I cannot quit, cannot fail, and know no fear.

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