Please sir...

Sir Bic ignored the slight tugging on his sleeve. He concentrated instead on the pageantry on display before him, the parade of champions on the verdant field.

The tugging became more insistent. Sir Bic sighed and glanced down.

“Sir Bic, please sir, can I join too? I know I am not a member of the League of Awesomeness, or one of the famous wielders of the quill, but I would like to contribute, however small that contribution might be.”

“Of course, my child. All are free to join.”

The smile of the child was radiant. She made her way onto the field and stood with the great champions that she so admired. There was Robert the Quick, Lady Elshanor and all the greats there. She bowed her head in gratitude and vowed to do her best to make worthy comments.

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