Come Fly with Me

The man stepped his foot out of the craft, slowly descending to the solid, yet dusty grey ground. With the jolt of his foot, an indentation, and then a puff of dirt.

He raises his eyes towards the distance, amazed, yet frightened. As he takes another breath, he begins the slow walk, eyes fixed towards an unknown object in the distance. He thinks to himself all the possibilities, all the faults, all the years of science, research, history, shattered.

He continues walking, battling the forces he’s not used to, trying to keep a straight line. His radio buzzes, he doesn’t understand the words. Foot caught on a rock, he tumbles toward the hard grey surface, the gravity slowing his fall to a snail’s pace. The light impact feeling as though it breaks ever bone in his body.

As he gets up, the radio chips in again, sending shock waves of pain through his head.

He opens his eyes again, close enough for a clear view.

In the distance, a colorful, mysterious banner. Riddled with blue, red, and white.

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