As night turned to day, she lay on her bed tossing and turning to the night’s unforgiving dreams. She woke several times during the dawning hours of the day until she woke one final time and found herself completely alone in her home. She rose and quietly left her room to look out the window, seeing no cars in the driveway, she returned to her bedroom and turned her music on a loud enough level that it could be heard throughout the house.

She sat down at her desk and worked on her recent novels, three she never got to finish. The one that she worked on this morning was “The Rowan Hood Effect”. She had already wrote the beginning and was working on the ending when she heard the distant melody of “The Lollipop Guild”. She picked up her phone and, seeing that the caller was her mother, she promptly pressed ignore. She went back to work and having finished the end, began working the plot when she heard her mother trying to call her again. She answered to find that it wasn’t her mother at all.

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