The trees were a blur as he ran faster and faster. He looked over his shoulder.

Where are they?

They had been chasing him for months, studying him for years. At times, he felt like a lab rat or a fish in a bowl, constantly and consistently being watched.
Thinking back to this last month brought dark memories to his mind. He remembered Rachel; the tears that had fallen from her dark eyes as they pierced her stomach with their knives, the blank look as they shot her in the back when she tried to flee and escape the pain.

Sean shook himself free of the memories, he had to focus. They couldn’t be far behind.
Pain seared up his leg. He stumbled and tripped over a broken branch. He trembled as he looked at what he had done to his feet. They were completely raw. It was a miracle that he managed to run as far and as fast as he had. He knew he couldn’t stop moving, but exhaustion hit him like a brick wall. He had to rest. His eyelids started slinking over his eyes. He shook himself, trying to run, to stay awake.

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