She awoke to find herself laying underneath a giant tree that was alone in an endless field. She looked at the land surrounding her. In every direction there was an endless line where land and sky met.

The sense of loneliness she felt in that instant, pushed her down to her knees. Every fear and doubt she had ever felt, every guilty moment, every shameful action she had pushed down into her soul broke and tore their way through the walls she had kept around those areas of her mind. They seemed to molest every thought and turn every memory into a dark occurrence. For the first time, she felt real and true grief and despair.

The pain she felt increased to the point she cried to the being she called her Saviour and Protector. She cried out her soul to Him. She caught some of the tears that flooded through her eyes in cupped hands and held them out to show Him her pain. She tore through skin as she clasped her wrists. She begged Him to take all of this from her and to never return it.

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