And the world was united

“I’m telling you, if you’re insane, then I’m insane – then we’re all insane,” he said.

“You are insane – you’re me.” My reflection stared at me, eyes glowing in the dark.

“You gotta get out of this house,” he said finally. “It’s driving you crazy.”

I gripped the frame of the tall mirror like shoulders. “I… I could be dangerous, yes, I’m dangerous, I talk to myself-” My eyes narrowed. “When I talk to you, you respond.”


Quickly, I jerked my hands back. “God, I wish I could get a new mirror,” I said, wincing at a splinter in my palm.

“Mirror? This isn’t a mirror.” I froze as my fragile reality was effortlessly broken. “This is a doorway.”

I paused – and I reached out – and my fingertips passed the threshold to touch his face.

I ran to the door. With a hard tug it creaked open with the rust of two decades.

As I saw myself walking outside, living different lives and yet being no different, I remembered why I’d locked myself inside to begin with.

There was no me. We were all just the same.

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