The Needs Of A Knight

“Right, I know you’re all so fresh that you’re still sore about the shoulders from being dubbed, but it’s important you know the practical side of knighthood. So, packing. Don’t look at me like that. You think you’re above it all now because someone in a shiny hat slapped you with a sword? No. Some idiots will tell you that the only three things a knight need are his sword, his armour and his horse. Those idiots won’t last long. So, the three things you really need to pack.”

“First, a decent tent. Most of a war is trudging along and sleeping in fields. And without a decent tent you won’t even be sleeping. You’ll be lying awake in the cold and wet. Second, a packhorse. You know your fancy warhorses? Well, they’re all nuts. You want another horse that you can ride and that will actually carry your things without going into a foaming rage. Last, peasant clothes. I’m serious. When you lose, you want to be able to hide. It’s not glamourous, but it will happen to some of you. There, now go get yourselves killed.”

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