Our Lady Bonbons (iii): mirrors

Our Lady Bonbons,

You know what’s a bit odd, Our Lady Bonbons?
We spend so much time preening ourselves in front of them, making ourselves “look better.” If I didn’t know any better, I would think that mirror slowly consume our souls.
But if you think about it, mirrors are a terribly deceiving.
Why? Well because of its nature; it shows us a reflection! Everything is opposite in a mirror. What we see in the mirror is NOT what people see.
What if one looks completely different in the mirror than what the world sees?
As a remedy, I propose that everyone uses true mirrors, that don’t show a reflection. I hear that people find that they look completely bizarre in these true mirrors. I must get one. Would you like me to get you one as well?
Perhaps we should make one.

May your mirrors be true,
Sir Percy Longshanks.

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