The birth of the Piper Miles Consulting Service.

From an early age, Piper Miles knew that money was important. Perhaps it stemmed from the fact that her parents were investment bankers. Perhaps it was because her brother gave her a nickel every time she would go to the toilet when she was being potty-trained.

Physical descriptions are not particularly important when imagining Piper Miles, since she is quite average. Brown eyes, average height and slightly underweight, even though she has an immense love of sweets, second only to money. Perhaps her most distinguishing factor is the ends of her hair were died bright red.

Piper Miles, like most 17 year olds, is in high school. A large public school with over 200 people per grade. Piper Miles knew that she could make money off of them. The only part was selling what.
And then one day she got it. The one thing in abundance in high school besides hormones, alcohol and body odor is drama. A lot of it. Piper knew that she could profit off of that.
And thus she created the Piper Miles Consulting Service.

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