The New Guys: Second Thoughts

A dapperly dressed scarecrow of a man took the stage and bowed theatrically. “Welcome. My name is Gustav and I’m glad to see all of you. It’s not every day that we get to welcome so many into the hallowed ranks of the Hunters.”

I looked away from the spindly old man to glance at the chairs behind me. Dozens of empty seats were arrayed in mostly straight columns and rows. Way in the back, two people sat close to the door but not close to each other.

Three people were enough to warrant excitement? The doubts I had about answering the tear-away flier tripled and I raised my hand.

“You there in the front. You have a question? Let me guess, I’ll bet you want to know the best way to track a vampire through the city.”

Standing up, I cleared my throat. “No sir. I just wanted to know what this job pays. The paper said ‘substantial rewards’.”

“Ah, how very civic minded of you. With all the creatures of Darkness running around, terrorizing the night, you want to know if you’ll be,” he huffed, “compensated?

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