Hoisting Pianos

A deliveryman stood outside the elevator doors leaning on an oak upright piano. He took out the piece of paper that had the delivery address on it. The piano needs to get up to the 25th floor.

“Ever since the invention of the elevator these delivery jobs are much easier,” He thought to himself. When the elevator doors finally opened he pushed the heavy piece of hardware into the tiny mobile room. After the doors closed behind him the elevator lurched upward and the workers train of thought continued.

“Before the elevator, the only way to get a piano to an upper floor was to either carry it up the stairs or to hoist it up by a rope and pulley,” he continued, " that stuff was dangerous work. The ropes when they got old would fray and break mid-hoist, or the piano would slip out of the straps and crash to the ground as it was pulled in the window, if it fit through window at all…"

When the doors opened, he along with the piano left the elevator and down the hall to the client’s room to make the delivery.

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