Devious Development

She looked out the dingy window over the rain-drenched slum before addressing us. “Boys, I’ve a plan, but I’m not quite sure where to carry it out.”

“What’s different about this one?” I asked with a squeak.

“Well, since you asked,” Sam began, a bit surprised, “it’s much… bolder, than past schemes. Some softer folk might say it’s even twisted.” She resumed pacing and continued with sinister tinge to her voice, “That’s the ‘problem.’ It’d be difficult to do it in the city because there’d be too many witnesses; however, country folk have annoying knack for recognizing suspicious activity.”

“But at the same time,” I added in a similar tone, “the country’s isolated enough, fewer witnesses. And if you choose the right part of the city, peculiar occurences would be overlooked because they’d be so common.”

A strange look came over Sam. Was she actually considering my suggestion?

Finally, she nodded. “You’re startin’ t’think, boy.” She gave me an unsavory smirk, which I instictively returned.

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