International Assassins Union: Tuesday's Afternoon

Tuesday casually followed her mark, careful not to be careless.

She could see the woman, tripping down the aisles in her $200 pair of flip flops, a total industry no-no. Next, she brazenly stood behind her at the Starbucks kiosk, and then she saw it; The List, and pulled out her cell, dumb bitch.

Tuesday found her ten minutes later, the urban twit’s cart had a squeaky wheel. What a moron, she’s been doing this too long, she’s getting lazy. She peeked down housewares and saw her grab some cheap knives, I hope she’s got the muscle, those won’t fillet a neck. Flip flops and a $32 set of knives…Piece of cake.

Thirty minutes later, Tuesday sat in her own car fuming. This was supposed to be easy. She lost her mark between the Express lane and the parking lot. She viewed the image in her cell; Flawless.

As her car idled, she reported in, “You lost sight of her? Get out!” Her hand froze on the buckle as she caught a gleam in her rear view mirror. Damn seat-belts, another industry no-no.

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