Superhero Girl

It definitely indicated a certain lack of common sense, if not a great deal of other things. When one is standing over a cityscape ready to swing from a grappling hook that is rickety at best, you have to question things like your sanity. And then there was the spandex one piece with lightning bolts that curved over her thin shoulders. Bri would never forgive herself for this. Still, once she jumped, it was easier than she anticipated. No lurch in her stomach. Apparently, she had nerves of steel. Dyed black hair flew in her face. A ponytail would be in order next time. Her boots touched the roof of the next building with surprising lightness. Pushing the button that redrew the hook to the gun, Bri felt the adrenaline effects she hadn’t even noticed until this moment. Her heart thumped and her lungs felt far too full for her ribcage. Suddenly, she was beaming, grinning even, like a madwoman. Bri could do this. She could do good things, things the police and politicians wouldn’t do. She was totally a superhero.

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