To the friends that I hold dear

I do not expect to know you all as I do today. I do not expect us to keep in contact. I do not expect to keep all the promises we made. And I will not regret losing your friendship.

But I will not forget the time we spent together. I will not forget how you have changed me. You are important to me, and this will not change; you will always have once been important to me.

Your face will not fail to ring a chord in my heart, for I know your face by heart. It will not blend into the crowd, it will not be passed over by my eyes. It will shine like a bright bulb amongst dim lights, shine with the torrent of dusty memories from days long past, from yesterday, that I’d kept in a small interstice in my heart. I will be amazed to have remembered them.

And I will be smiling.

So know this: If in a few years, you need a home, I will do what I can; If you need money, I can give you only so much. But if you need a friend, if the world is cruel and if you feel alone, turn to me, and I will be your friend.

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