The Seven Against One

The plan was simple, even elegant. It was also a catastrophic failure. It began in a swirl of colour and faith.

The strange and patchwork world that Jenny brought them to had all the hallmarks of the Enemy. Hyacinths carpeted hills scarred with chalk drawings. Temples flecked with obsidian shards jutted through the jungle and an armoured bear, its neck yellow like the sun, paced until it saw the seven.

It growled a greeting. Jenny smiled winningly at it, and it charged.

‘Strength of Hercules, help me now!’ the Marvel yelled and wrestled with the bear, who smashed its iron gauntlets into his jaw.

Thoth-Amon spoke an incantation, his voice breaking halfway through. His body had changed and he moved his long limbs and broad shoulders awkwardly. Bear and man rose into the air, their cuffs merely sending their foe gently floating away.

‘Uh, maybe we can talk this through,’ Thoth-Amon said.

The bear hissed at Jenny Everywhere. ‘That woman will be the world’s destruction, mark my words.’

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