Mom in Target Department Store

“I’m not seein’ three kids here. Where my three kids? Git over here! Git! Jeffery Marlin. JEFFERY MARLIN you put that down! Put it down right now! Missy. Get off there. Now. NOW Missy! Missy, I don’t care. Missy please. JEFFREY! Jeffrey Marlin quit chasin’ him! I don’t care if it’s a 3-Dee or 4-Dee or what-EVER-Dee it is. If they got it attached to a rope it’s too expensive. Why do they have to make these cart handles so hard? Hurts my arms. I said put it down Missy. Put. It. DOWN! Didn’t I just say no Lucas? It’s September. So? So September means four months till Christmas. I don’t care Lucas, Christmas is’n four months and you aren’t gettin’ nothin’ till then, am I clear!? Watch out Jeffrey! Move Jeffery MOVE I said! Ok ya’ll have till I count to four. I’m countin’ to four and ya’ll better be’n line. One… I’m countin’! Two! I said two ya’ll better be linin’ up… Thank you. That went good didn’t it? You’re alright. Now stay by the cart, we’re almost duh… JEFFREY! Put that DOWN right now Jeffrey Marlin!

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