Late Conversation

“I think, I needed this.” He nuzzles the top of her head; a fragance sweet and heady mingled in her hair reminds him of honey, apples, her. “It’s…it’s nice.” A make shift cover tangles around them, some slight warmth as the sweat that slicks their skin cools. There was light, of a kind, seeping in through the curtains; moonlight and street lamps doing their best to give those awake so late some illumination.

The girl stretches upwards, giving a sleepy sort of smile and a lingering kiss against his jaw bone. “Mmmhmm, needed this?” Her body nestles into his, pressed close, comfortable after their haste. She shivers delightfully as his hand traces a curving pattern down her side

His fingers stray into her hair, “Yeah, this. Someone who cares. Y’know?” He squeezes her gently to him.

“Yeah,” She mummers, “Yeah, I think so.” Another kiss, a lighter touch over earlier passions that have slowly coloured purple. “I’m glad it’s me.”

He chuckles at this, “Well,” He delicately nips her ear, “oddly, I’m glad too.”

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