September 2011

As for September 11th. I was working that day. I have been a patriot alot longer. Shamefull things happened that day and on the ones following. Suddenly there were so many flags posted on the doors of every house on the street. The cars in the driveway still bore the bumper stickers of discontent.
People who one day were complaining of gun control and the uselessness of our military were now singing along to ‘Angry American.’
And still our hipocrate neighbors were not done. More bumper stickers, ‘Peace in the Middle East’ and ‘End War" were next to ’Save Darfur.’ By Christmas our country had moved on. Now it was how much thier sister missed her husband. While he was defending us all from joining our freshly burried Countrymen.
A decade of remorse has made me unable to understand why we remember. If we tarnish a memory, I don’t want to keep it.
If this happens again, I hope it happens to them.
Does that make me the enemy?

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