The number 13 to elsewhere

He was annoyed when the bus stopped. Partly because he wasn’t at a bus stop, but also because he was now under it, and didn’t have the best view of what had just happened.

Although one would think that the underside of a bus might be dark and dingy, he suddenly noticed that it was getting not only lighter, but also quieter, and that everything seemed to not be as it just was. On the bright side he wasn’t trapped under the bus anymore, but then he suddenly realised that maybe the bright side wasn’t the best place to be.

He decided that the figure before him wasn’t an actual person, but the result of either his mind making up whatever analogy best fit this something he couldn’t quite comprehend, or just which ever it came up with first. He wasn’t sure which, he was just more annoyed about how things were looking than the fact he was here looking at them in the first place.

If what most people believed was true, he was buggered. He hated being judged by others, but that didn’t really seem to matter anymore.

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