What Next?

She sat there, numb, as the agent spoke to her. He spun tales that seemed incredibly unlikely and yet he pointed out the subtle signs that she had noticed before but ignored. The signs that she knew would point to her family being one of the Corrupted families. He spoke to her in a calm voice, persuading her to join him and his agency in the struggle against the Corrupted.

Afraid of someone eavesdropping in on them, he took her to his agency headquarters and showed her more proof of what she dreaded most.

He showed her crime scene photos of people who had betrayed the families. He showed her months worth of surveillance tapes with her father and brothers in them. Some even had her mother in them.

“Will you help us?”

“What will happen to me if I do? What makes you so sure I won’t end up like Mr.-” she looked at the file sitting in front of her, “Mr. McGlintock? What makes you sure I won’t end up like him?”

“What makes you so sure you will?”

She pondered for a moment, “Okay. What next?”

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