Rethink Your Plan

Adele had been okay while she still seemed interested in her, but now her brother, Julian, was who spent the most time around her…

Oh, Julian was terrible with her indeed. He would always pull at her hair, calling her names, forcing her to places she did not want to go to, pushing her, hurting her, making her hide from Adele when the girl was looking for her.

One time, Julian had even ripped her arm apart.
The next day, hair matted from rough manhandling, Julian had pulled off her head. Her head! She was made to look at her headless body for a whole week before Adele found them and put them together! It had been most traumatizing!

Now, as she sat on the roof of her own pink house and contemplated ending it, face painted into an angry scowl with sharpie, she decided it’d been too much. She let herself slide slowly off the roof until she finally fell and hit the ground.

There, laying on the floor, she thought… this would’ve worked better if she had actually been alive, and not just a Barbie doll.

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