While We Can Still Talk

“It’s astonishing that they can move those bulbous bodies so quickly on such gangly limbs.

They hunt in packs, swarming an area until they detect life. There’s no barrier that can truly stop them – only perhaps slow them enough to break their range of awareness.

They never sleep, and you are their food. Do you want to know how they feed? Thin flaps of skin fold across their faces, peeling back when they’ve pinned down the prey. They have no teeth, only a long tongue – rough as splintered wood. They lick a hole in your belly, and begin eating you from the inside out – soft parts first."

Chavik threw another worktable against the sizable pile on our side of the door before turning to me.

“Enough – you were right, I didn’t want to know what they are. Take the children, you might be able to get out if you follow the mining tunnels.” He pointed across the factory to the stairwell.

A metallic snap rang on the other side of the door, followed by a crescendo of howling.

The Feeders were breaking through.

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