I kept my arm around his waist as I turned to gesture at Maddy. I told him, “Baby, this is Maddy, and you remember Sam… Who owes you, what a buck from the first time you came up?”

“I remember that!” Sam and Thomas exclaimed at the same time. Maddy and I burst out laughing. Sam and Thomas joined in after exchanging a look.

“Well are you gunna invite us in or not?” Maddy said after a moment, placing her hands on her hips.

“Oh!” Thomas yelled then. “I made pizza.”

Simutaniously the three girls muttered, “Oh no.”

“Hey! It’ll be fine.” Thomas said indiginatly.

“Of course it will, baby.” I said, layering my voice with sweetnes. He gave me a look and I reached up on my tiptoes to kiss his cheek. Before I pulled away, he turned his head to catch my lips. He moved his free hand behind my head and his other arm up my back to pull me into him.

Sam and Maddy just rolled their eyes and Sam asked loudly,“Which way to the kitchen, Lover Boy? I’m hungry.”

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